Interesting and exciting times in the current Real Estate Market in Australia. Some areas are booming whilst others are declining, but things are definitely on the move. And speaking of things on the move, it has been a long held dream of the Melatti Brothers to set up another office and a second home on the Gold Coast, which they have successfully achieved this year.

Through researching the markets and talking to many buyers over the years, they have garnered enough data to suggest Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and certain other areas of Queensland are going to boom again, sooner rather than later. Like many, they always planned to expand to Brisbane, but the pandemic has accelerated the process and brought everyone’s plans forward by 5-10 years.

Since the pandemic began, the harsh lockdowns have forced many to re-evaluate their lives and living situations. Being forced to work from home has forced many organisations and may employees to make their operations truly mobile. And the offshoot of that, is that if we can work from home, we can work anywhere. Enter the mass migration to Queensland; better weather, fewer cases of the pandemic, and far less restrictions than the rest of Australia.

However, it is not all beer and skittles for any southerner migrating north. Take a look at this interesting article from about the darker side of relocating to Queensland. Some of the locals aren’t taking too kindly to being “invaded” by southerners. However, irrespective of the opinion Queenslanders hold about southerners relocating north, the flow of people from Sydney and Melbourne continues, and is not looking to slow down anytime soon.

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